How to detox from sugar

When you have made the commitment to eliminate sugar from your life, you will need to do several things to make the detox go smoother. You need to go thru your kitchen and dispose of all items that contain sugar. This is easier said than done and you will be surprised at how little you have left. Although throwing away food may seem hard, sugar cravings are worse so it’s best to remove the temptations. You must be diligent in reading labels as sugar is sometimes hidden and described as other things such as fructose or corn syrup. Here is a great video describing how to detox from sugar naturally.


How to Detox from Sugar Naturally and Effectively

It is also best to limit going out to eat at restaurants or friends houses since you won’t know the sugar content of your meal. If you must eat out try to stick to grilled chicken, salads and vegetables without dressings. If you can maintain this for 21 days, you will soon find that your palate has changed and your sense of sweetness has intensified. You will detect sweetness in foods you never thought of that way. Even ordinary apples will taste like candy. ¬†At this point you can gradually add back limited natural sugars to your diet. The key is to avoid processed and packaged food, staying with healthy homemade choices for optimum health and well being. And that is how to detox from sugar!