Pros and Cons of Sugar Cleanse

Many people are beginning to realize the benefits of sugar cleanse (or “sugar detox”) in their diet. As diagnosed diabetes has increased in the United States from .92 % of the population in 1960 to 7.40 % in 2015, according to the Centers of Disease Control, limiting sugar is also crucial for health. Unfortunately, sugar is highly addictive and cutting it out of your daily diet is no easy feat. There is sugar in just about everything we eat, especially processed foods. It is crucial to read food labels as many items claim no added sugar yet show sugar under their ingredient list since the amount falls below what the government requires the manufacturer to report.

Pros of Sugar Cleanse Diet

Although the sugar cleanse may be initially difficult to follow, you should soon see many benefits to your mind and body. Those on the detox often experience better and longer uninterrupted sleep. Adult acne sufferers claim clearer skin and many see softening of fine lines. A great added benefit is increased energy. Instead of sugar induced spikes of highs and lows throughout the day, energy is increased and sustained. In conjunction, mood swings tend to stabilize. Less sugar intake will also decrease your cravings for food since sugar doesn’t create a feeling of fullness for long. Decreased appetite in turn, will increase weight loss. ┬áMany have also experienced a loss of bloating and stomach inflammation. Cutting out sugar can help your wallet too. By forgoing sugar laden processed food at the market or restaurants and planning out menus for the week with healthy choices you will buy less and save money on groceries.


Cons of Sugar Cleanse Diet

All of this sounds great, but there are some cons to the sugar cleanse. This detox takes determination and willpower. Sugar, whether refined or natural, is in most everything an average person eats. Even if you start with a healthy diet you will find an abundance of hidden sugars in your food. You will have to carefully read labels and understand the amount of sugar that occurs naturally in foods such as fruits and breads. This will limit your food choices and can cause food boredom making it harder to stick with the diet. Also, in the beginning withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and irritability can occur but these should decrease as time goes on and your body grows accustomed to the lack of sugar.